ANRRE Committed to the R&D of Advanced Rare Earth Materials

ANRRE has a complete R&D, production and service system. It has established a joint development model including service platform (marketing network)+R&D platform (end-users, universities, research institutes)+production platform (processing plants). ANRRE is working to establish a global marketing network. At current stage, we’ve established joint R&D cooperation with domestic & overseas end-users, universities, research institutions and four production bases.

ANRRE has an experienced R&D and production team, who can deliver all kinds of customized synthetic rare earth materials to meet the needs of advanced ceramics, spraying materials, optical glass, electronic materials, laser materials, special alloys, biomedical, energy-saving materials, new energy batteries, catalytic materials of various industries.

ANRRE Leading Customized Synthetic Service for Advanced Rare Earth Materials

ANRRE offers flexible customization services. We could customize according to customers’ special parameters requirements, for instance non-standard products. More importantly, we can ensure customers’ technical parameters and business data are completely confidential by implementing high quality control during the entire development process and final test phase.

ANRRE has a number of laboratories, small-scale production lines and large-scale production lines, which can serve both small-scale experimental customers and non-industrial customers, by provide gram-level and kilogram-level customization. And we can also serve industrial customers by providing thousands of tons of products.

ANRRE One-Stop Solution for Rare Earth Materials

ANRRE strives to provide a one-stop solution for rare earth materials for users around the world. We have a wealth of production experience and technical reserves, and our engineers have a lot of skills and experience. With the laboratory scale, the pilot plant and   mass production processes, we are able to deliver high quality rare earth materials to our customers. ANRRE can synthesize, modify and assemble according to customers’ respective requirements.

Production of special grain size rare earth materials

We can produce nano-meter, sub-micrometer, large particles, granulating spheres, as well as spheroidal, acicular, flaky, large specific surface and any other rare metal, fused rare metal, rare metal oxide, rare metal fluoride, rare metal fluoride oxide materials.

Production of composite rare earth materials

We can produce new rare metal functional materials, such as fused rare metal, oxyfluoride rare metal, rare metal oxide, rare metal silicate, rare metal zirconate, rare metal aluminate, anhydrous rare metal salt, organic rare metal salt, rare metal alloy materials, etc.

Production of high purity rare earth materials

We can customize high-purity rare metal oxides, rare metal salts, etc. of 99.99%, 99.999%, 99.9999%.

Production of rare metal alloys

We can customizevarious rare metal alloys, including rare metal magnesium alloy, rare metal aluminum alloy, rare metal copper alloy, rare metal tungsten alloy, rare metal nickel alloy, rare metal iron alloy, etc.

ANRRE Open Cooperation Platform

ANRRE's goal is to become the world's leading advanced rare metal materials enterprise, and to continuously provide more efficient, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly advanced materials for human science and technology progress! Our progress is inseparable from your attention and support. We hope that with your participation and through cooperation, we will work together, share responsibility and glory!

Technology and Program Cooperation

Inter-enterprise: joint development and production of advanced rare metal materials and rare metal functional materials between upstream and downstream enterprises

Between universities and institutions: collaboration to undertake national and local research projects, and take on responsibility for transformation, production and marketing of institutes’ R&D outcome.

Sales Cooperation

Domestic market: Develop agents by region/industry for ANRRE's domestic products, services and cooperation.
International market: Develop agents by country/industry for ANRRE's international products, services and cooperation.

Investment Cooperation

Capital investments as to participate in ANRRE's overseas investment, corporate acquisitions and new project investment, as well as capital operations are also welcomed.

ANRRE is pleased to face challenges and provide solutions to the customers.
Sincerely look forward to working with YOU to create a beautiful present and future...



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