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ANRRE provides one-stop solution for global users of rare metal materials...

ANRRE is a manufacturer of a full range of rare metal materials. With years of research and development and production experience, ANRRE can deliver high-quality rare metal products to customers according to their special requirements from laboratory scale to pilot plant to commercial mass production.In order to meet the functional ceramics, optics, electronics, biopharmaceuticals, catalytic materials, special alloys and other industries from the special needs of customers.

ANRRE focuses on the following

Special particle size
Rare metal oxides
Metal & alloy
Rare metal salts
Rare Earth Materials with Special Particle Size.

Rare metal materials with special particle sizes are synthesized by chemical and physical methods, including nanometer, submicron, large particles and pelletizing spheres. Such as high density rare metal, rare metal oxide, rare metal fluoride, rare metal fluoride,Rare metal zirconate, rare metal silicate, rare metal aluminate, etc.

Used in electronic, optical, ceramic, thermal barrier, thermal spraying, catalytic materials, battery materials, environmental protection materials, etc.

Composite rare earth salts

ANRRE synthesizes new rare earth functional materials by doping and chemical coprecipitation, such as fused rare earth, rare earth fluoride, rare earth fluoride, rare earth boride, rare earth bromide, rare earth silicate, rare earth zirconate, rare earth aluminate, rare earth phosphate and other complex rare earth compounds.

Purity: 99.5%, 99.9%, 99.95%, 99.99%, 99.999%, 99.9999%

Annual production capacity: 3000 tons

chemical intermediates, electronics, optics, ceramics, thermal barriers, thermal spraying, catalytic materials, biomedical, battery materials, environmental protection materials, etc.

Part of the product list:

Rare earth zirconate

Rare earth silicate

Rare earth aluminate

Anhydrous rare earth fluoride

Anhydrous rare earth fluoride oxide

Anhydrous or ultra-dry rare earth chloride

Anhydrous or ultra-dry rare earth bromide

Rare earth boride

Rare earth hydroxide

Rare earth fluoride hydrate

Rare earth fluoride hydrate

Rare earth chloride hydrate

Rare earth sulfate hydrate

Rare earth nitrate hydrate

Rare earth carbonate hydrate

Rare earth acetate hydrate

Rare earth citrate hydrate

Phospholipid Rare Earth...

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