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ANRRE is committed to the research and development of rare earth advanced materials, serving the global users.

Experienced development and production teams can deliver customized rare earth materials to meet the needs of users from advanced ceramics, thermal barrier coatings, optical glass, electronic materials, laser materials, special alloys, biomedicine, energy-saving materials, new energy batteries, catalytic materials and other industries.

Our users are all over the world, including the world's top 500 enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, universities and research institutions.

Advanced Ceramics

Among the advanced rare earth ceramic materials, rare earth can be used not only as matrix component, but also as doping modification element. Rare earth ions are used as additives to adjust the internal microstructure of materials and change the macroscopic properties of materials, so as to obtain various rare earth structural ceramics and rare earth modified functional ceramics.

Rare earth ceramics have special dense structure because of its unique 4f electronic layer, high electric price, large radius, compact structure, strong polarization, high chemical activity, strong reducibility and hydrolysis ability. At the same time, the sintering, compactness, phase structure and microstructures of ceramics are improved. The mechanical, electrical, optical and thermal properties of ceramics meet the special requirements.

ANRRE provides modified nano-sized rare earth oxide, ultra-fine rare earth oxide, rare earth fluoride, rare earth fluoride, rare earth fluoride, orthophosphate rare earth, fluorinated rare earth phosphate, rare earth-based garnet compound, rare earth-based oxygenates, etc. for advanced ceramic materials users. It is widely used in the following ceramic materials:

  Rare earth structural ceramics

  Rare earth oxide ceramics RE-Al2O3、RE-MgO、RE-ZrO2、RE-SiO2

  Rare earth nitride ceramics RE-Si3N4、RE-AlN、RE-BN、RE-TiN

  Rare earth carbide ceramics RE-SiC、RE-B4C、RE-TiC、RE-WC

  Rare earth boride ceramics RE-ZiB、RE-TiB、LaB2

  Rare earth sialon ceramics RE-SiALON
       Composite ceramics RE-CMCs ( Ceramic matrix composites )

       Rare Earth Functional Ceramics

       Rare Earth Luminescent Transparent Ceramics
       Rare earth electro-optic transparent ceramics

       Rare earth magneto-optic ceramics

       Rare Earth Ceramic Fluorescent Materials

       Rare earth ceramic glaze

       Rare earth superconducting ceramics

       Rare earth nanoceramics

       Rare Earth Glass Ceramics

       Rare Earth Doped Semiconductor Functional Ceramics

       Rare earth reinforced structural ceramics, etc.

Rare earth glass

Rare earth is used more and more widely in the field of new functional glass, such as bulk, doping, modification, melting aid, clarification, stable grain control and so on. By adding rare earth materials of various specifications, we can improve insulation, heat resistance, reflection or anti-emission, light deflection, light opening, light transmittance regulation, ultra-long distance optical communication, light energy transmission, optical superconductivity, optical IC, optical memory, flat display substrate, thin film transistor substrate, low-temperature firing IC substrate, solid battery and so on.

The high purity rare earth oxide, ultrafine rare earth oxide, rare earth fluoride, rare earth fluoride and compound rare earth salts developed by ANRRE, as well as rare earth cerium polishing materials, are applied in the following fields:

Selective transmission, reflection, focusing and lens of long wave light

Nonlinear Optical Glass

Magneto-optical glass

Acousto-optic glass

Rare earth doped optical fibers

Raman radiation glass fiber

Faraday Rotating Glass

Photosensitive glass

Halide glass

Glass for Optical Path

Super smooth glass

High Performance Storage Glass Film

Electrochromic Display Module Glass

Infrared glass

Radiation-proof glass


High Performance Microporous Glass

Hybrid (Waveguide Connected) IC Substrate

New Laser Glass

Superionic conductive glass

Optical waveguide fiber for laser

Rare earth filter glass

Coloured Glass for Advanced Utensils

Coloured opaque glass

Decolorization of Rare Earth Glass

High strength glass-ceramics

High Toughness Glass-ceramics

Machinable glass

Oxynitride glass

Heat-resistant glass

Low Expansion Glass

Low melting point glass

Melt Cured Glass

Alkali resistant glass

High strength glass-ceramics

High Toughness Glass-ceramics

Machinable glass

Oxynitride glass

Heat-resistant glass

Low Expansion Glass

Low melting point glass

Melt Cured Glass

Alkali resistant glass

Rare Earth Catalytic Materials and Rare Earth Polymer Materials

Rare earth exhibits unique chemical and electrical properties due to its unfilled 4f orbital and lanthanide shrinkage. Rare earth materials possess oxidation+oxygenation and acid-alkaline properties. Rare earth materials can improve the storage/deoxygenation ability of catalysts, the dispersion of active metals, the catalytic activity of the interface between active metal particles, and the improvement of alumina. Thermal stability of materials, promotion of water-gas conversion and steam reforming reaction, improvement of lattice oxygen activity, adjustment of surface acidity and alkalinity of catalysts and enhancement of structural stability, etc. It has been widely used in petroleum cracking, automobile exhaust purification, carbonization, fuel cell, olefin polymerization and so on.

Rare earth catalytic materials developed by ANRRE include nano rare earth materials, rare earth molecular sieves, rare earth intermetallic compounds, anhydrous rare earth chloride, rare earth phosphate, nano rare earth oxide, rare earth fluoride and rare earth fluoride, etc. They are widely used in the following catalytic fields:

Petroleum pyrolysis catalysis

Catalytic combustion of natural gas

Catalytic Purification of Motor Vehicle Exhaust Gas

Flue Gas Desulfurization and Denitrification Catalysis

Catalytic Purification of Industrial Exhaust Gas and Human Settlements

Enhanced Catalysis and Adsorption of Industrial Wastewater

Oxygen Storage and Release Materials

Hydrocarbon Low Temperature Ignition Catalysis

Catalytic oxidation of soot

NH3-SCR Catalysis

Solid oxide fuel cell

Carbon Chemical Industry

Rubber (cis-butadiene rubber) catalysis

RE Chemical Catalysis

Catalytic Purification of Organic Pollution in Wastewater

Paint and paint drying

Rare earth plastics heat stabilizer

Rare Earth Polymer Filling Modifier

Rare Earth Polymer Light Converter

Rare earth coupling agent

Rare earth rubber vulcanization accelerator

Rare Earth Crystallization Nucleating Agent

Rare Earth Polymer Optical Materials

Rare Earth Polymer Organic Electroluminescent Materials

Rare Earth Polymer Laser Materials

Rare Earth Polymer Absorbing Materials

Rare Earth Polymer X-ray Protective Materials

Rare Earth Polymer Neutron Radiation Protection Material

Rare Earth Polymer Magnetic Materials

Rare earth polymer separation membranes, etc.

Rare Earth Electrochemical Energy Materials

Rare earth elements are large ions with high oxidation energy and high charge, which can form strong bonds with electrodes. Rare earth elements are easy to obtain and lose electrons and promote chemical reactions. The paramagnetism of rare earth oxides, the transferability of lattice oxygen, the cationic variable valence and the surface alkalinity are essentially related to the improvement of battery performance.

Rare earth catalytic materials developed by ANRRE include modified highly active rare earth oxide, nano rare earth oxide, rare earth sulfate, rare earth chloride, rare earth nitrate, etc. They are widely used in the following new battery fields to improve battery charging and discharging efficiency.

Rare Earth Doped Lithium Ion Electrode Materials

Rare Earth Electrode Materials for Lithium Batteries

Electrode Material for Ni-MH Batteries

Electrolyte Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Electrode Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Connecting Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Supercapacitor electrode materials, etc.



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Thermal Spraying and Coating Materials

Rare earth thermal barrier coatings have the characteristics of high melting point, low thermal conductivity, high chemical stability and low sintering shrinkage.

ANRRE has developed thermal spraying coatings such as fused rare earth, rare earth silicate, rare earth zirconate, rare earth aluminate, rare earth fluoride, rare earth fluoride and high temperature resistant coatings, including nano, micro and granulated powder.

Shell Surface Materials for Titanium Alloy High Precision Castings

Thermal barrier coatings

Heat Resistant Coating

Corrosion Resistant Coating


Zirconia stabilizer, etc.

Rare Earth Luminescent and Laser Materials

The luminescence and laser properties of rare earth are due to the transition of 4f electrons between different energy levels. Rare earth elements have unparalleled spectral properties because of their special electronic layer structure. Rare earth luminescence almost covers the whole field of solid luminescence. There are abundant electron levels and long lifetime excitation states. There are more than 200,000 energy level transition channels, which can produce a variety of radiation absorption and emission, and constitute a wide range of luminescent and laser materials.

ANRRE has developed high purity rare earth oxide, high purity rare earth fluoride, rare earth silicate (rare earth orthosilicate, rare earth metasilicate, rare earth other silicates, etc.), rare earth aluminate, rare earth zirconate, rare earth tantalum, rare earth halide, rare earth sulfide oxide, rare earth fluoroaluminate, YAG, rare earth silicon nitride, rare earth silicon nitride, etc. for optical materials. It is widely used in the following fields of luminescence and laser:

Rare earth long afterglow phosphor

X-ray Rare Earth Luminescent Materials

Rare Earth Upconversion Luminescent Nanomaterials

Rare Earth Upconversion Medical Luminescent Nanomaterials

Rare Earth Light Conversion Materials

Rare earth scintillator

Rare earth Nano-luminescent materials

Rare Earth Organic Complexes as Photoluminescent Materials

Phosphate System Rare Earth Luminescent Materials

Rare earth luminescent materials in silicate system

White LED Rare Earth Luminescent Materials

Thin Films and Patterned FED Rare Earth Luminescent Materials

Nitrogen (Oxygen) Chemicals Rare Earth Luminescent Materials

Rare earth organic inorganic gel hybrid luminescent materials

Rare Earth Organic-Inorganic Microporous Hybrid Luminescent Materials

Rare Earth Organic-Inorganic Mesoporous Hybrid Luminescent Materials

Rare Earth Organic-Inorganic Polymer Hybrid Luminescent Materials

Rare Earth Organic-Inorganic Multifunctional Hybrid Luminescent Materials

Rare Earth Complexes-Ionic Liquids Hybrid Luminescent Materials

Rare earth complexes intercalated luminescent materials, etc.

High power laser crystal

Low and Medium Power Laser Crystals

Mid-Infrared Laser Crystals

Self-Raman Laser Crystals

Rare earth silicate scintillating crystal

Rare earth aluminate scintillating crystal

Rare earth halide scintillating crystal

Special Alloy Materials

Rare earth elements have unique extranuclear electronic structure and play a unique role in metallurgy and materials.

By adding rare earth non-ferrous alloy materials, purifying alloy melt, solid solution strengthening, dispersion strengthening, precipitation strengthening, fine grain strengthening alloy structure, improving alloy mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and fatigue properties, rare earth alloy materials with excellent properties such as magnesium, aluminum, copper and nickel can be obtained.

The addition of rare earth into steel can improve the solidification structure of steel, which can play the role of deep purification, microalloying, deoxidation, desulfurization, desulfurization and oxygen, changing the morphology and structure of inclusions. Rare earth can improve the strength and plasticity of steel, high temperature oxidation resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance, and heat strength of steel.

ANRRE has developed a series of rare earth alloys and rare earth alloy intermediates, such as single rare earth metals and rare earth ferroalloys, rare earth aluminium alloys, rare earth magnesium alloys, rare earth nickel alloys, rare earth copper alloys, which are widely used in the following fields:

Rare Earth High Strength Steel

RE Heat Resistant Steel

Rare earth stainless steel

Rare Earth Pipeline Iron and Steel

Rare earth die steel

Rare Earth High Speed Steel

Rare Earth Surface Hardened Steel

Rare Earth Ductile Iron

Rare earth aluminium alloy

Rare Earth Magnesium Alloy

Rare earth copper alloy

Rare earth cobalt alloy

Rare earth tungsten alloy

Rare earth titanium alloy

Rare Earth Zinc Alloy

Rare earth nickel alloys, etc.


The unique electronic structure of rare earth elements determines that they have special optical, electrical and magnetic properties, which can be greatly changed, modified and enhanced by the interaction between rare earth ions and ligands. Rare earth medicine has positive effects on digestive system, endocrine system, nervous system and human skin. The research of rare earth materials chemistry provides a broad prospect for biomedical design with special properties.

ANRRE has developed pharmaceutical grade rare earth carbonate, rare earth nitrate, rare earth sulfate, rare earth chloride, anhydrous rare earth chloride, rare earth fluoride, rare earth fluoride, rare earth oxide, nano rare earth, rare earth hydroxide, rare earth phosphate and other rare earth materials. As intermediates, they are widely used in the following medical fields:


Anti-inflammatory and bactericidal drugs

Burn medicine

Analgesics, sedatives and antipyretics

Anti-atherosclerosis agent

Neutralize gastric acid

Diagnosis and prevention of tumors

Dental caries and dental implants

Rare earth fluorescence probe

Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent, etc.

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