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Specializing in the customized synthesis of rare metal materials for global users,
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ANRRE serves the world's leading users of rare metal materials, focusing on the research and development of new rare metal materials, which play an important role in the development of various applications. We have abundant production experience and resources. Our engineers have mastered a lot of skills and experience, and use the process route from laboratory scale to pilot plant to commercial mass production to deliver high quality rare earth materials for users.

ANRRE Leading Customized Synthetic Service for Advanced Rare Metal Materials

ANRRE offers flexible customization services. We could customize according to customers’ special parameters requirements, for instance non-standard products. More importantly, we can ensure customers’ technical parameters and business data are completely confidential by implementing high quality control during the entire development process and final test phase.

ANRRE has a number of laboratories, small-scale production lines and large-scale production lines, which can serve both small-scale experimental customers and non-industrial customers, by provide gram-level and kilogram-level customization. And we can also serve industrial customers by providing thousands of tons of products.



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At present, we focus on the following needs of users

Production of special grain size rare earth materials

We can produce nano-meter, sub-micrometer, large particles, granulating spheres, as well as spheroidal, acicular, flaky, large specific surface and any other rare earth, fused rare earth , rare earth oxide, rare earth fluoride, rare earth fluoride oxide materials.

Production of composite rare earth materials

We can produce new rare earth functional materials, such as fused rare earth, oxyfluoride rare earth, rare earth oxide, rare earth silicate, rare earth zirconate, rare earth aluminate, anhydrous rare earth salt, organic rare earth salt, rare earth alloy materials, etc.

Production of high purity rare earth materials

We can customize high-purity rare earth oxides, rare earth salts, etc. of 99.99%, 99.999%, 99.9999%.

Production of rare earth alloys

We can customizevarious rare earth alloys, including rare earth magnesium alloy, rare earth aluminum alloy, rare earth copper alloy, rare earth tungsten alloy, rare earth nickel alloy, rare earth iron alloy, etc.

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